In 2022 and 2023, Richard Small and Pacific Legal were proud to partner with leading civil infrastructure and engineering firm Fulton Hogan, and Pacific community leaders including Melina Maka of the Tongan Advisory Council, to support a recruitment programme for machine operators and drivers from Tonga.

Fulton Hogan staff visited Tonga to prequalify candidates in 2022 and Pacific Legal also sent a member of its team to Tonga to gather initial information required for work visas. As a result, 10 accredited employer work visas were granted followed by dependent partner and child visas. Fulton Hogan generously supported the work visas which means these applicants will be employed on medium wage and have the opportunity of a lifetime – to start a new life in New Zealand with their families.

It has been a pleasure working with a well-established New Zealand employer that has a genuine commitment to building a Pacific workforce. It is also great to be able to help these families in their immigration journey, with long-term, sustainable visas.

Many Pacific people working in New Zealand now come under the recognised seasonal employment visas: These are short-term limited visas which do not allow family to join them. In contrast, Fulton Hogan has provided excellent support for its Pacific workforce who are now eligible for five-year visas together with their families. We hope other employees will consider similar approaches.

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