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Pacific Legal has an excellent track record helping employers.  The closed border poses real challenges for employers. Change is the only constant. See our regular blogs for updates.
For staff who are already in New Zealand we can assist you with extensions. Again our regular blogs provide updates.
While the New Zealand borders are closed, exceptions for those offshore are few and far between. At Pacific Legal, we have supported various migrants who came to work in New Zealand and helped employers bring overseas workers into the country to fill skills gaps where needed. At present this is through the Critical Worker Criteria which is very challenging.
We offer 20 minutes free consultation by phone or zoom.
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Are you an employer in New Zealand seeking staff from overseas? Or are you an employee who needs to renew their visa onshore?

As regulations are constantly changing for both employers and migrants, it is crucial to get advice from an immigration lawyer who can support your journey and raise awareness of regulation changes and anything you need to be mindful of.
At Pacific Legal, we have supported many migrants who came to work in New Zealand and helped employers bring overseas workers into the country to fill skills gaps where needed.

Are you seeking to renew visas onshore?

The new Streamlined Essential Skills work visa process from 19th July 2021 will assist many employees looking to further their stay in New Zealand, so long they remain working in their current employment.  See our latest blog for more information.
The new Employer Accreditation Work Visa Scheme (EAWV) set for 1st November 2021 is now deferred until mid-2022.  
The changes will affect employer supported visas in New Zealand, with 6 current visa classes, including Essential Skills work visas and several Work to Residence visas, being replaced by a new Employer Accredited Work Visa (EAWV). For more details about these changes see here.
The new visa aims to ensure that no migrant is exploited in their work and requires employers to be accredited. Requirements for accreditation include a sound financial position, genuine effort to recruit locally, and good employment and immigration record. We are unsure about processing times as of yet under the new scheme.
After the employer has been accredited, the job will be checked to ensure it meets both employment and immigration requirements. Finally, the applicant will be assessed.
Pacific Legal can help ensure you meet all the requirements and that your application goes as smoothly as possible.  We provide a free initial phone zoom or skype consultation with employers looking at accreditation by appointment. Send us your details.
Some onshore categories of workers including working holiday makers and seasonal workers have had extensions and relaxed conditions. Contact us for advice on this.

Are you seeking staff from overseas? (note current Covid restrictions)

If you are seeking staff from overseas while the New Zealand borders are closed, you will need to be granted a border exception first.  As an employer, this will require you to prove that there is a skills shortage in the country and that you have genuinely tried to hire an employee from New Zealand. Your selected employee will need to apply for a work visa themselves to be able to come to the country.
NOTE: Until least February 2022 the border is closed to all employer support work applications exception for critical worker applications. Existing applications have been lapsed. The criteria is very narrow: The worker must have unique skills not readily available in New Zealand and  have a very high income or be needed for a short term project with wide economic or other benefits. For an example of where we’ve been successful in this category see here. It’s a high hurdle to reach. Contact us for advice if you think you might qualify.

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If you are an employer with staff from overseas or want to hire migrants, get in touch with Pacific Legal. We have supported many employers during their accreditation and hiring process and are looking forward to helping you meet all the requirements.  Our friendly team have decades of experience and are available to assist.