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Applying for a parent category visa? – Currently closed to new applicants

It is still unclear when the selection of Expression of Interests under the Parent Category visa will resume. Knowing what happens to the ones still in the pool to be selected can be even more challenging.

Wondering what other options you have if the New Zealand adult child is not eligible to sponsor the residence application under the Parent Category (i.e. they do not meet the income threshold or have held their resident visa for less than 3-years)? Or what medical conditions may need a health waiver?

Pacific Legal can help with all of these questions and even how to address errors made in the Expression of Interest that has resulted in an Invitation to Apply for Residence.

What to be mindful of when applying for a parent visa?

The Government previously announced the suspension of the selection of Expression of Interests until ‘April 2021’, however, there has been no further updates when selections will resume. It is yet to be announced whether a refund would be offered to those who had lodged Expressions of Interests prior to April 2020 and currently in the pool awaiting selection.

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However, one may wish to take the risk and  submit an Expression of Interest, which at this stage will join the queue to be considered when selections resume and as annual spaces become available. Another option to the Parent Category is the Parent Retirement Category. Here parents will need to invest at least NZ$1 million in New Zealand for four years and have NZ$500,000 in settlement funds with an annual income of NZ$60,000 together with an adult New Zealand resident/citizen child.

Parents can also apply for a Parent and Grandparent visitor visa. This is a 3-year- visa that comes with multiple-entry travel conditions. However, currently, offshore temporary visa applications are suspended until 6th August 2021.

Pacific Legal can support your parent category visa application by:

  • Making submissions to support a health waiver.
  • Assisting with addressing any errors in the Expression of Interest pre or post the Invitation to Apply for Residence is issued.
  • Assisting with lodging an appeal with the Immigration and Protection Tribunal if the residence application is declined, highlighting any humanitarian circumstances.

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