Free travel is back to and from Australia and the Cook Islands and from Niue and the Cook Islands.

New Zealand has begun to establish safe zones for quarantine free travel. The first of these was for inward travellers from the Cook Islands (from 21 January 2021) and Niue (from 23 March 2021). On 18 April the much awaited two way travel bubble with Australia finally began. On 17 May 2021 the travel bubble between the Cook Islands and New Zealand was extended both ways.


Rest of the Pacific

Entry to New Zealand from the rest of the Pacific remains restricted to those with a critical purpose for travel although there has been some tweaking of the paper work required. Contact us for more details. Urgent medical treatment might be an example. Sadly a funeral will generally not qualify. Keep in mind the 14 days mandatory quarantine period. MiQ exceptions can be applied for but are very, very rare.


Be warned!

Border arrangements can change very quickly. The agreements work to a “traffic light” system of green, orange and red levels to deal with local outbreaks. Generally, non residents may find themselves stuck during local Covid lockdowns or paying for managed isolation in the other country. Travellers are urged to check the latest Australian and New Zealand travel advice

Traffic Lights

So far travel has been paused a number of times due to outbreaks, most recently in Victoria. For up to date information visit:


What does this mean for Australia residents and citizens wanting to move to NZ?

Since the border was closed on 19 March 2020, Australian residents and citizens who would usually have free entry and be deemed residents have had to apply for border exceptions. The travel bubble brings back free travel. We’ve had enquiries from Australians with non-resident partners. Normal pre covid visa requirements apply to the non-Australian partner. We can help with this. Contact us.


Very High risk countries: Only citizens can directly return

Locked Gates

On 8 April 2021, travel from India was suspended effective midnight 11 April 2021, until 28 April 2021. A high number of positive cases had arrived in MIQ in the days before the announcement. From 28 April 2021 only NZ citizens and their immediate family were permitted to travel here from Brazil, India, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea. Others have to spend at least 14 days outside the country first. A small number of humanitarian exceptions are being made. The list of Very High countries may change from time to time. Entry remains subject to MiQ places.

Pacific Legal is aware of the uncertainty that our Indian clients and their communities are already experiencing. This announcement, unfortunately, will add to this. With flights to third countries limited this announcement amounts a temporary travel ban for New Zealand. For more details Check

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