Mandatory employer accreditation deferred until mid-2022

After stressing about the importance of higher paid in higher skilled roles as part of its immigration “reset” the government appears to have a temporary change of heart.
We were preparing for mandatory employer accreditation and this is still on the cards but it has been delayed until an unspecified date mid next year.  It is also still unclear if 31st October 2021 is the last day to lodge Work to Residence work visa applications under the current Instructions.  We understand Senior Management in Immigration New Zealand have advised there is no decision yet whether applications will be accepted after 31st October 20201.
On 16th July 2021, the Minister of Immigration Hon Kris Faafoi suddenly announced a streamlined visa process for workers who are in New Zealand and seeking to extend their current work visas.  This took effect on 19th July 2021.
If you hold a current essential skills work visa and if you are applying to work for the same employer there is a new streamlined process.
  • No labour market check is needed
  • No medicals or police certificate will be required
  • No employment agreement will be required
  • No evidence required qualifications or work experience will be required
  • The employer will only need to provide a supplementary form
This makes your application much simpler!
 Length of visa
If the role is paid below the new median wage from 19 July 2021 of $27 per hour a two-year visa is now available
If the role is paid at or above $27 per hour a three-year visa remains available
 New employer or role?  The existing rules apply
If you are changing employers, however the existing process will still apply:  depending on the skill level and salary level a labour market test is likely to be required normal health and character checks and employment documentation under current Instructions will be required. What will cause confusion for some employers is that this is a continuation of the process that was supposed to finish in October this year.  Now the new Accredited Employer Work Visa has been deferred until at least mid-2022.  The industry was given virtually no notice of these changes and that suggests to us that the eventual changes to Residence from Work and Skilled Migrant residence applications may be just as sudden.
 Only for those in New Zealand
This change unfortunately does not help people who are outside New Zealand many of whom have had their visas lapsed.
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