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Our immigration services are available to you wherever you are in NZ or the world.

We have clients throughout the Asia Pacific region, Canada, South America, the United States, France and beyond, as well as here in New Zealand.

Our immigration lawyers are available New Zealand wide and we frequently visit Christchurch, Hamilton and many other centres throughout NZ. We have two permanent office locations (in Wellington and Auckland) and we are also available to you via email and Skype.

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NZ resident Richard

New Zealand resident

“I am very lucky to have Pacific Legal Limited represent me when I was faced with my New Zealand residence being cancelled. Richard Small led his team who helped me a lot in my immigration problems. I have no hesitation in recommending Pacific Legal Limited.”

Malou family moving to NZ

“I want to thank you, Mr Richard Small and your staff for all the work and effort that you have done in my complicated case.”

Skilled Migrant Ajesh

Skilled Migrant Category

“I don’t have words to express my thanks and happiness to you and all the other people who had worked on my residence application. I would recommend Pacific Legal to anyone applying for visa/residency in NZ, I certainly would have advised myself to go to Pacific Legal first if I can go back in time as it would have saved me all the time, stress, and the money that was spent in the last couple of years.”

Sarah immigrating to NZ

“Thanks to Richard Small, Aniya and AK have at last joined their family in NZ, in time for their brother’s wedding.”

“Aniya and AK are, or were, our niece and nephew, now our children. Sadly both their parents died, and we were appointed by the Indonesian court as their legal guardians. We thought INZ would have no hesitation in granting residence visas so they could join us in NZ.Instead they were declined on the grounds that INZ did not recognize the family relationship. So next we applied for student visas, but these were declined on the grounds that with all their close family living in NZ, they were an overstayer risk! The same argument applied to their visitors visa applications. So we turned to Richard Small. He gave us clear advice, started the process afresh, worked through appeals to the tribunal and the minister’s office, and eventually succeeded.

With the benefit of hindsight, we wish we had gone to Richard much earlier, immediately after the first application was declined. This would have saved us months of heartache,disruption to family life, and costs of declined visa applications, an unnecessary adoption that wasn’t recognized by INZ, travel costs back and forth to look after the children while they were stranded in Indonesia, and lost income from one of us having to give up work to make room for all the travel. We had thought following INZ’s advice would have led to the desired result, but now realize that the only person with the interests of our family at heart,was Richard.”

Ramsawari family immigrating to NZ

“Pacific Legal got the result where others did not… our family is complete!”

“I came to New Zealand from Fiji in 2011, to spend time with my daughter (who is my only child) and her family. I have two lovely grandchildren. My efforts to obtain residence under the parent category were unsuccessful all the way to the Minister. This caused great stress to us all. We were told by a leading firm that the case could not succeed.

My visitor visa was due to expire in November 2011; I approached Pacific Legal in September 2011 after other lawyers were reluctant to take up my case as they did not see any chance of success. Pacific Legal worked with me from 2011 until I was granted residence in New Zealand in June 2014. When Richard Small (Principal Lawyer) analysed my file he advised me that my case is going to be a hard one. Pacific Legal never gave up on me and I had my full confidence in them.

I am most impressed with the way Pacific Legal handled my immigration matter and I do recommend them to anyone who needs immigration advice. I felt that Richard has greater depth, experience, and practical wisdom in the area of Immigration Law than the other advisers who has handled my case before.

I can now enjoy rest of my life in New Zealand with my family. Our family is complete.

Thank you Pacific Legal!”

“If you are doing battle with the Immigration authorities, I recommend without reservation that you place the matter in the very capable hands of Pacific Legal to whom I owe a debt of thanks for their efficiency and kindness.

“After struggling to confirm my immigration status here in New Zealand for a period of some 2½ years, and achieving nothing other than extreme frustration, I handed the matter over to Richard Small and his team at Pacific Legal. Almost immediately, positive progress was made, and now some 10 months after I can report with delight that the matter of Permanent Residency is successfully resolved.”

Complaint lodged and upheld to keep qualified nurse

A Filipino client was a fully qualified nurse but working in a slightly less skilled role. She was nonetheless greatly valued by her employer. Without local registration, the case was challenging. Through careful file analysis, Pacific Legal Limited found that INZ staff had ignored evidence that she was in a genuine and stable relationship with a New Zealander. This provided an alternate pathway. As her visa has expired, a review was refused. A formal Deputy Chief Executive complaint was lodged by Pacific Legal and upheld.

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